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Business Broadband solutions

Maximise your operational efficiency with cutting-edge broadband tailored to the demands of modern business.

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The Challenge Navigating the End of Copper Network Services

As Openreach moves to discontinue its traditional copper wire infrastructure — a staple of UK telecommunications for over a century — businesses reliant on ADSL and FTTC services are at a crucial juncture.

The ‘Stop Sell’ coming into effect from 5th September 2023 means no new orders for these services will be accepted, with a complete shutdown scheduled for March 2024. This imminent transition phase challenges businesses to reassess their broadband connectivity to prevent potential disruptions.

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The Solution Transitioning to Next-Generation Broadband

The phasing out of copper lines isn’t just a challenge; it's an opportunity to future-proof your business broadband. Our comprehensive broadband solutions promise not only to replace the outgoing services but to support your business now and into the future.

Everything you need under a single connection

Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SOGEA)

Traditionally, a telephone line would need to be installed to deliver ADSL or Fibre broadband to a home or office. SOGEA provides one singular connection, without the telephone line, meaning your data will receive less traffic giving you an uninterrupted service.

  • Cost effective – SOGEA has lower in-life costs than traditional Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) with the ability to overlay VOIP services.
  • Long term solution – SOGEA replaces analogue copper lines reaching the end of life.
  • Greater Flexibility – SOGEA is simpler to order, install and fix. Easy migration journeys with typically short downtimes.
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A pure fibre connection right to your premises

Fibre to the premises (FTTP)

FTTP provides a pure fibre connection from the exchange, all the way into your premises. It offers higher download speeds than traditional broadband for areas that have been enabled for FTTP. As with SOGEA, a traditional phone line is no longer required for installation of FTTP. Customers will have access to the benefits of full fibre and faster download speeds it offers.

  • Faster download speeds of up to 1000 MB – Fibre optic lines that travel all the way to your doorstop *depending on geographic availability.
  • Carries more data – Unlike copper wires, fibre is less susceptible to interference and signal degradation.
  • Saves time – Fibre has fewer issues with service.
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Dedicated bandwidth, ultra-fast speeds and dependable uptime

Lease Line

A leased line is a dedicated, fixed-bandwidth data connection – reserved exclusively for your use - your own personal business internet connection with a fibre line channelled directly to your business premises.

A lease line guarantees ultra-fast symmetrical upload and download speeds, reliable uptime, and resilience. Ultimately, any business with a high reliance no data, cloud-based applications or phone and broadband services day to day operations should be considering investing in leased line connectivity.

  • High security – Private business leased line connection means there is less chance of sensitive or personal data being intercepted in transit, than if you are relying upon a shared network. You’ll still need to use data protection methods such as encryption to maximise protection, but a leased line certainly strengthens security levels.
  • No usage limits – Unlike broadband, there are no usage caps on the volume of data you can transfer. So, even when your business is at its busiest, you won’t face additional charges or unexpected bills for exceeding your data allowance. Meaning you stay firmly in control of your budge.
  • Future-proof connectivity – If you’re looking to build your business, increase the size of your team or embrace new cloud-based technology, you’ll need an internet connection that’s robust. A dedicated internet leased line delivers rock-solid performance, that’s capable of supporting your business now and into the future.
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Ensuring uninterrupted business connectivity

Emergency Mobile Broadband (EMB)

Emergency Mobile Broadband (EMB) provides a secure connection that can be used to access important business services. EMB is designed to be deployed fast to fill a gap while your primary connection is being fixed, or to connect new premises quickly while you wait to install a fixed service. EMB can be left behind to provide a long term secondary or back up solution if desired.

  • Fast deployment – Delivered within 24-48 hours. Simple to set up and no technical expertise is required.
  • Equipment included – Includes a router, pre-configured to your specifications and everything you need to get back online.
  • Available with Fixed IP Addressing – Deploying EMB for business often requires a specialist solution that assures the quality-of-service standards for telephone calls. Fixed IP addressing ensures that the connection is suitable for VoIP telephone calls and VPNs.
  • Flexible carriers – Ensuring that you have the best signals and speeds available in your area.
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Why can’t I get Fibre broadband when people over the road/down the road can?

Fibre to the premise (FTTP) is the latest and most popular broadband solution for homes and businesses. It is currently being rolled out all over the country, but whereas for the old copper solutions ADSL is available at all exchanges, the FTTC and FTTP is still being install by Openreach, therefore you may be on a different exchange to someone right across the road from you. The easiest way to find out what is available to you now, or when you might be able to use this service is to contact Midpoint Communications so we can do the work for you.

How quickly can you install broadband for me?

The lead times for a broadband installation can vary depending on the product and the solution you require. The normal installation time for a standard broadband connection is 5-10 working days, however a fast track service is sometimes available. Speak to Midpoint Communications for further details. Customers must note that they must take responsibility for their own internal networks, servers and static IP configurations.

Using a Midpoint supplied router – we can supply you with a preconfigured router which will be preconfigured with your log in details
Using an alternative router – if you decide to purchased your own router, please follow the manufacturer's instructions referring to the Account Details and Setup Information that we will send to you via your preferred method of contact.

What can affect my broadband speeds?

Connection / broadband type: The connection type you have directly affects the speed arriving at your house. For example, if your connection still uses old copper wiring, such as ADSL or FibreBroadband, then your speed will be slowed by the transfer between fibre to copper or the distance of the copper wiring.
Distance from cabinet (green street box) and/or Exchange: If your house is further from your street cabinet or the exchange then the broadband signal has further to travel and has a higher probability of interference. This shouldn’t be an issue with Full Fibre (FTTP)connections where the fibre optic cables run throughout the network, as fibre optic cables don’t lose speed over distance like traditional copper wiring does.
Router positioning and distance: Where you place your router in your home can have a big impact on the performance of your internet. Try to keep it close the devices you use the internet on the most, ideally with nothing blocking it. In larger homes or older homes with thicker walls you may want to consider a Wi-Fi booster.
Time of day and number of users / devices: The busier the household or network is in the wider area can have an impact on your overall speed. If you’re a busy home with everyone using the internet you can expect that to impact your speed, equally the evenings are generally peak times for internet usage, and this can affect speeds.

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